Category: Tutorials

Linux VNC guide

This is a short guide on how to configure Virtual Network Computing (VNC) in Linux.

Installing OpenCV in Ubuntu for Python 3

Installing OpenCV in linux for Python 3 is not that straight forward, so in this tutorial, we’ll go through the steps on how do we do it. We’ll be using a 64 bit Ubuntu 16.04 system, and Python 3.5 in...

Arduino Audio Visualiser

A simple Arduino mini project before I resume working on the other projects. In this project, I’m using a 8×8 RGB matrix shield to display the audio visualisation of an audio file loaded in Processing.

Revamping SMScheduler

I came across an old android project that I did in the past one day & decided to implement more features in the application. The link to the old project is here:

The classic 5110 Nokia Screen

The classical Nokia 5110 graphic display screen has a resolution of 84 x 48 pixels & can be used to display simple graphics & data in various projects. Therefore, in this post, we’ll be exploring how we will interface the...

SPI-based 0.96″ OLED display

Having any trouble figuring out how to interface this particular SPI 0.96″ OLED Display with 6 pins? This tutorial is for you!

Moving the 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor

Stepper motor are used to move in discrete steps, which means you can control the steeper motors with precision. Where do they use stepper motors in? There are many usage of stepper motors, which includes medical scanners, 3D printers, in...

Getting started with the Pi 2

There are various things that needs to be done before we can start using the Raspberry Pi 2, which includes flashing the Raspbian OS into the MicroSD card (which is the brain of the Raspberry Pi!).

Scrolling text with flexible 32×8 RGB LED Matrix

Needed a way to display scrolling text or messages? This Flexible 32×8 RGB LED Matrix display may suit your needs! With 256 LEDs on it, you can display text, patterns or even animation if you want to. Therefore, in this tutorial,...