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EMF Detector

Check out the intensity of emf produced by an electrical appliance using this EMF detector! This arduino EMF detector project is based on Aaron ALAI original EMF Detector project.

Simple Electronic Compass

This is a simple electronic compass display project, which uses the HM55B compass module to determine the North direction. The LEDs will be used to indicate where North is. When the module is facing north, the specific LED that is facing north...

Ultrasonic Keyboard

It’s time to make some music using the ultrasonic sensor! This is a project that I derived from the previous tutorial, the Ultrasonic Rangefinder.

Controlling RGB LED using Bluetooth Bee

This project uses the Arduino Uno board and a bluetooth bee. In this project, the RGB LED on the breadboard is controlled using a phone via bluetooth terminal, where different input changes the color of the RGB LED.

Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Today, I’ll be showing you how a ultrasonic sensor can be used to determine the distance of an object from the sensor, which will be displayed on a LCD display. In this tutorial, I’ll be using a Parallax ultrasonic sensor & a parallax...

Hand Tracking using Infrared Compound Eye

In this project, I decided to explore using IR sensors to perform a simple motion tracking of a hand instead of using a camera as to simplify the tracking.  The location of the hand will then be represented by a circle &...

LED switcher using a DPDT Relay and a potentiometer

In this project, 2 LEDs will be switched on and off using the DPDT relay. (or flip-flopping the LEDs) This is another simple project to further explore the features of Arduino.

Arrays with a 7-segment LED display

This is another project using Arduino Uno. In this project, I used a 7-segment LED display to loop the digits 0-9 using array though there are still some bugs in the program.

Random sound generator

In this project, I used a piezo speaker to randomly play certain notes which i arrayed form 0 – 9.