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Playing music tracks with DF Robot MP3 Player Module

Need to play some music tracks quick with minimal hustle? Getting a MP3 Player module may be a solution one can look into! In this mini project, DF Robot MP3 Player Module is interfaced with an ATtiny85 USB Development board....

Arduino self balancing robot – Update #7

Finally, we have another post on the self balancing robot! There were major changes to the robot, as I scrapped my old design with a new (and better?) design.

Arduino Audio Visualiser

A simple Arduino mini project before I resume working on the other projects. In this project, I’m using a 8×8 RGB matrix shield to display the audio visualisation of an audio file loaded in Processing.

Revamping SMScheduler

I came across an old android project that I did in the past one day & decided to implement more features in the application. The link to the old project is here: http://cyaninfinite.com/projects/smscheduler/

Arduino self balancing robot – Update #4

Coming up, another short update on my self balancing robot! In this update, I focused solely on improving the connections, structure and placement of the components on the robot. (P.S. I have uploaded the SketchUp & STL files on Github....

Arduino ball balancing robot – Update #1

This is the 1st update of the robot since I last posted on this project (I’m rather busy with school & other stuff). In this update, I have roughly sketched out the design of the robot, how it would function and also...

Controlling RGB LED using Bluetooth Bee

This project uses the Arduino Uno board and a bluetooth bee. In this project, the RGB LED on the breadboard is controlled using a phone via bluetooth terminal, where different input changes the color of the RGB LED.