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Installing the R2 simulator for ROS Indigo

What is r2? The r2 robot, which is an acronym for Robonaut 2, is a dexterous humanoid robot created by NASA, with the goal of it aiding humans in space (Robonaut 2 is just an upgrade from its predecessor, the...

Arduino self balancing robot – Update #4

Coming up, another short update on my self balancing robot! In this update, I focused solely on improving the connections, structure and placement of the components on the robot. (P.S. I have uploaded the SketchUp & STL files on Github....

Simple LED light chaser

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a simple light chaser, which will consist of only 3 LEDs. What does a lightchaser do? A light chaser can be used to create lighting animation sequences to attract attention.