Arduino ball balancing robot – Update #0

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Being recently awed by the idea of a robot that can balance on a ball, I want to attempt to create this type of robot with an arduino.


Here are a few links & videos that I might be referencing/using for inspiration while building this robot:

Here are some of the details of the potential bot: The type of ball the robot will most likely balance on would be either a soccer ball (radius: 11cm) or a basketball (radius: 12.13cm), and its body would be 3D printed to hold the parts together.

The robot would most likely consist of:

– 3 Omni wheels

– 3 Motors (Maybe brushless)

– 3D printed body

– Arduino Microcontroller

– Accelerometer & Gyroscope sensor (Most likely be using MPU6050)

– Li-poly battery


With all this little details stated to get started, I’ll start to design the robot soon. Stay tune for the next update. That’s all for this post.

(P.S. I have created a Github repository on this project. You can check it out here.)

[Update: I currently am quite busy with my school stuff, so I have pushed back this project till a later date to work on. ]


To-Do list:

  • Write out Main idea
  • Design the robot
    • Sketch
    • Computer (SketchUp)
  • Write out Part list
  • Purchase components (sensors, wheels, etc.)
  • Test out components
  • 3D print main body & parts
  • Mount components onto body
  • Code the bot
  • Run it!




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