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Arduino ball balancing robot – Update #1

> 2 min read This is the 1st update of the robot since I last posted on this project (I’m rather busy with school & other stuff). In this update, I have roughly sketched out the design of...

Mini BT Ultrasonic Rangefinder

> 1 m During the weekend, I wanted to create a simple Arduino project that would not take more than 30 minutes, so I have decided to come up with this portable Bluetooth-based ultrasonic range finder. Using...

Touchless 3D Tracking Interface using Aluminium foils

> 1 m I happened to visit the Makezine website one day and found out this interesting project, which requires one to only use some aluminium foils to do 3D tracking of the current location of our...

EMF Detector

> 2 min read Check out the intensity of emf produced by an electrical appliance using this EMF detector! This arduino EMF detector project is based on Aaron ALAI original EMF Detector project.

Simple Electronic Compass

> 2 min read This is a simple electronic compass display project, which uses the HM55B compass module to determine the North direction. The LEDs will be used to indicate where North is. When the module is facing north, the...

Ultrasonic Keyboard

> 2 min read It’s time to make some music using the ultrasonic sensor! This is a project that I derived from the previous tutorial, the Ultrasonic Rangefinder.

Controlling RGB LED using Bluetooth Bee

> 1 m This project uses the Arduino Uno board and a bluetooth bee. In this project, the RGB LED on the breadboard is controlled using a phone via bluetooth terminal, where different input changes the color...

LED switcher using a DPDT Relay and a potentiometer

> 1 m In this project, 2 LEDs will be switched on and off using the DPDT relay. (or flip-flopping the LEDs) This is another simple project to further explore the features of Arduino.