Nuclease: COVID-19 Tracker

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Introducing Nuclease, an Android app to keep track of global COVID-19 cases with a customizable watchlist!

Keep track of COVID-19 cases with a dedicated watchlist! This app serves as an reference app to enable one to be able to keep track of the cases around the world, selecting only the location(s) of interest.

Reasons for creating

Why was this app created? There are a few reasons, which include allowing individual ability to keep track of various cases of the countries that you are only interested in (as a reference), the available time due to the partial lockdown and just another Android application project as so much has changed since I last developed an app. (For example how Android Support library is replaced with AndroidX)

Note: Please read the disclaimer before using the application, and only proceed if you accept to the disclaimer!


This app was created within a week, so only the main features would only be included in the app. Additional features may be included in future updates, stay tune!

Here are the following features that are currently available:

  • Global summary: Piechart display of global cases, which is segregated based on the case type.
  • Customizable Watchlist: Select only the location(s) that you want to monitor.
  • Data visualization: The piecharts are used to allow ine to understand the numbers better.
  • Swipe-down update: Swipe down the list or chart to check for data update.


### v1.0.0
- Initial release.

### v1.0.1
- Bug fixes.
- Added new cases increment for the day
- Added emoji for some titles.
- Added global timeline trend.

### v1.0.2
- Refactored code.
- Optimized data download.
- List sort based on alphabetical order.

### v1.1.0
- Revamped layout of app with 2 distinct tabs for global data and country watchlist.
- Changed plotting library.

### v1.2.0
- Added Changelog and Disclaimer.
- Added preference page:
- Show percentages for global Piechart.
- Show/Hide daily increment.
- Shifted Changelog, Data source & About into preference page.



The Android app & the SHA256 checksum could be downloaded below:

SHA256 Checksum: 964d3b6d7b488d7a92fabdc73bded562c0eb2312c290fce7344540c6bfa0d3fe
Download APK

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