Reorganization of website

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It’s been a long time since the last post went live on this website , and it’s also a good time do some spring cleaning here (like cleaning up a dusty room that was left for some time): reorganize, clean up the various aspect of the website, and to continue working on projects.

The plan for the next few weeks would be as follows:

  • Various posts would be merged into one long post with a common theme: E.g. Projects that uses similar components like sensors would be combined.
  • More posts related ROS: To share the experience and knowledge on ROS accumulated through various projects, and to document them for reference.
  • Progress on self balancing robot project: It appears to be dead, but actually it’s almost balancing. (It balances but oscillates: The tuning is the final obstacle.)

Stay tune & Enjoy your time here at Cyan Infinite!

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