EMF Detector

Check out the intensity of emf produced by an electrical appliance using this EMF detector! This arduino EMF detector project is based on Aaron ALAI original EMF Detector project.



In this project, the arduino will determine the amount of emf detected by reading the value received from the antennae attached to analogue input 5. I modified the code to produce a clicking sound, where the rate of the clicking sound produced will be proportional to the intensity of emf detected. When there is high intensity of emf around a electrical appliance, the rate of the ‘click’ sound will be very rapid. Whereas when there is little emf around, the rate of the ‘click’ sound will not be that rapid.


Parts Required

  • Piezo speaker x 1
  • Arduino Uno x 1
  • Jumper wires
  • LED x 1
  • 330Ω resistor x 1
  • 3.3MΩ resistor x1
  • Wire x 1 (To be used as antennae)



[Coming Soon…]