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Controlling devices with the Opto-isolator Relay

Need to control devices that has high power or does not have the same power rating as the Arduino? Using an optoisolator relay is one wokr around you can choose to approach this issue. With that, this tutorial will give you a...


Recently, I participated in Sprint Hacks, a 5 day designathon held by DBS Bank and Infocomm Investments at BASH, One North. (BASH = Build A Startup Here) It was a design thinking workshop cum hackathon (in 5 days) where we were tasked to solve...

Getting started with ROS

Having difficulties working or understanding ROS? Or are there too little resources that can be found in the Web? This were the same difficulties I faced when I first began learning ROS. Therefore, I have decided to create a ROS tutorial series based...

How to restore your GNOME desktop (Ubuntu 14.04)

Every once in a while, we will remove unnecessary or unused packages that is in our computer. But sometimes, we forget to checkout whether other packages will be removed, which may be required by some packages. With that, you unintentionally remove some packages that is...

Arduino self balancing robot – Update #7

Finally, we have another post on the self balancing robot! There were major changes to the robot, as I scrapped my old design with a new (and better?) design.

Making Virtualbox accessible within your network

In this tutorial, we will be configuring the Virtualbox’s Network Adapter Settings so as to make the VM (Virtual Machine) accessible from all machines on your network.

Linux VNC guide

This is a short guide on how to configure Virtual Network Computing (VNC) in Linux.