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Decrypting whatsapp database (Root required!)

Ever wanted to have a local copy of all your whatsapp conversation but you are unsure how to get about? In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to get a decrypted whatsapp database onto your computer. This tutorial is meant...

Changing sound output using code

Sound (by default) is usually outputted via the HDMI cable if your display have speakers, but what if your display does not have speakers & you want to change sound output to the audio jack instead? There is a chance...

Make a windows shutdown shortcut

Ever wanted to shutdown a computer without going to the start menu? Or do you find it a burden to do so?  In this tutorial, I will be showing you how this is possible. In this example, I will be...

Light intensity indicator with 7-segment LED display

This is similar to the other light intensity indicator tutorial. In this tutorial, the 7-segment LED display will be used to display the intensity of the light received by the photo resistor, mapping the light intensity values from 1 to 9.

LED Light intensity indicator

This is a simple light intensity indicator using a photo-resistor and 3 LEDs. It indicates the amount of light available around the photo-resistor with a range of 3 LEDs. Arduino UNO board will be used in this tutorial.