Arduino self balancing robot – Update #6

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This is another update on my self balancing robot project.


#Update 6 – 14/04/16:

  • I decided to change the title of all the updates related to the self balancing robot, as the previous “ball balancing robot” title can be pretty misleading.
  • I programmed the robot that uses PID to balance itself, with the code reference from this repo:
  • Shifted the MPU6050 below: Somehow it response better than being place on top.
  • Robot is able to stay stable for only 2s?
  • Still tuning the PID parameters.

In many tutorials I found online regarding self-balancing robot, many of them placed their sensors as low as possible. Since previous attempts of balancing the robot while placing the sensor above the robot have failed, I decided to place the MPU 6050 as low as possible.

When I placed the MPU6050 lower, the robot seems to be able to response better compared to placing up on top.

For the PID tuning, I refered to this guide:

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